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Alicia Causey Memorial Mentorship Program



Alicia was a trafficking survivor that we’ve known since 2014, she and Ben actually got clean together late that year.  Both of them relapsed and ended up homeless, again, their paths would cross endlessly over the next nine years.

We’ve been housing Alicia for the last few months, she was coming up on nine months clean, and prior to that only had a single drink in the preceding three years.

Alicia was working an incredible program of recovery, gainfully employed, and shared a message of hope with sex trafficking survivors and addicts alike.

We are standing up this fund to bury our friend, and then to continue Alicia’s mission of carrying hope for her.

This mission will provide resources, job training, placement, and scholarship opportunities to women just like Alicia.  We are shooting to raise ~$4,500 for the funeral and then $1k per month in recurring donations to keep her legacy alive and to continue serving women just like her for perpetuity.

Help us honor this angel that walked among us!

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We Are The Dead

We are the Dead is a sister organization to Flanders Fields, to carry their mission to those encountered on the streets, on the dope track, in the prisons and in the hell of addiction or sex trafficking who aren't veterans. Nobody on the Flanders team will step over the dead bodies of civilians to save a vet, but within the confines of the charter, funding can only be allocated to veterans. The need to stand up a second org focused on non-veteran funding for rescues and recoveries was immediately apparent, and to date, the Flanders team has been funding these efforts out of their own pockets, but no more! We are the Dead gets it's name from the same poem by LtCol John McCrae that Flanders Fields got it's name from, which reads in part: "

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields."

We are here to restore life to those who were once dead to their addictions and the streets, for we were once the dead ourselves.

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