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Children are at the core of everything we do.  When it comes to most calamities of the human condition, kids are always the ones that suffer most.  This year, we are doing a special drive to not only shop for the kids of those we lost, those who lost their battles with addictions, those lost to violence on the streets we work, or the kids of those who are missing on said streets, we are also sending mentors to them. In their homes, where they live.

We all acutely understand that when shaping a child’s future, presence matters far more than presents, but this time of year, the children of parents lost to the things mentioned above are further isolated from their peers and further driven towards the same path that took their parents.

To that end, this drive funds not only “presents” in the literal sense, but also helps fund the “presence” of mentors and “battle buddies” to go into the communities we serve and take these little dudes and dudettes to do some fun stuff.  There’s no better way to end the bullying many of these kids endure than for their peers to see them hanging out with some true American bad asses.

Our approach may be unorthodox but we’re sick of the status quo because it simply doesn’t work.  We’ve taken the best parts of programs from around the country that have quantifiable metrics that reduce youth recidivism and we’re creating a model that we believe, and have anecdotally seen, will create a staggering drop in the kids we serve following in their parents footsteps.

We’re honored to have your support!

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We Are The Dead

We are the Dead is a sister organization to Flanders Fields, to carry their mission to those encountered on the streets, on the dope track, in the prisons and in the hell of addiction or sex trafficking who aren't veterans. Nobody on the Flanders team will step over the dead bodies of civilians to save a vet, but within the confines of the charter, funding can only be allocated to veterans. The need to stand up a second org focused on non-veteran funding for rescues and recoveries was immediately apparent, and to date, the Flanders team has been funding these efforts out of their own pockets, but no more! We are the Dead gets it's name from the same poem by LtCol John McCrae that Flanders Fields got it's name from, which reads in part: "

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields."

We are here to restore life to those who were once dead to their addictions and the streets, for we were once the dead ourselves.

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